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These nyphos like to spread it !

In a classic definition, a Nymph is a statute that represented on a nude woman image. In Greek mythology, we call Nympho this woman that have a special personality and haunted the natures as she wants, waters, woods, mountains and those things are graceful on her. In a visionist, a nympho is just a young girl that need to be treat like a savage one on sex action.

How do you interpret this definition of Nymph?

Treat her like a lady and make her a good wife that you make in love, that you take care and that you hear when she talks. When we talk about Nymph, we always have this image of a young and pretty girl with this slim body without no bell, no big chest and very innocent. We talk about this teen that never do love and is afraid to make it on the first time with their boyfriend because she is not yet experimented. But this kind of woman likes also to make in love with many sorts of men. They like a sodomy practices, a libertinage one and a big love fiesta. They like to be fucked with two, three or four guys at the same time, and you will be proud guys because you will have a funny tushy com moment with many Kamasutra’s position and they are not so hurry to prepare their wings before getting this spread cock sperm.

Nymph’s fucking hard

When we playing sex with a Nymph woman, no need to be a good rider sex. Just take your time and go slowly by kissing her, by touching her neck, by smelling her perfume and by caressing her body. Just look at her and talk her kindly, kiss her and slow down her little panties, remove it until her bottom. Kiss her pussy and go slowly to her chest and kiss her so deeply that she will touch your head and touching your body. You are exciting yet! A Nymph woman is so pretty to treat faster than a blond one, but when they are hot, they are unstoppable and they like that you spend time to pump her.

Don’t be shy to respect you wife and to share it with everybody this big emotion, just give her this love that she always shares with everyone.

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