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After a serious mistake that a schoolgirl made, she was restrained by her teacher. She was pretty good, about 19 years old, with a dream body. After his few advances, his teacher could not resist.

A schoolgirl too daring

Renowned for being the big villain of her school, Mélodie is always taken in detention. But you have to watch her, or she'll be able to do some bullshit again. She was alone in the room with her teacher of literature. She put on her desk a half-unbuttoned shirt and a little plaid pleated skirt. She purposely dropped a pen in order to offer an admirable view that does not leave her teacher without effect. The beginning of a real amature porn. When she got up, she touched his face by her behind, she stayed there, and the gentleman took the opportunity to sniff. She removed her panties and offered herself to him. He made her a long cunnilingus of this pussy all fresh and bewitching. She held her head with her hands and imprisoned her man between her thighs. This one could only make taste of this pussy. In her turn, she pushed him on his armchair, opened his fly and gave him a royal pipe.

A sodomy without lubricant

They went naked afterwards. The teacher stretched him on his desk. Her legs well apart, she received the kicks of this man. His biroute was long and well manly. It measured in 19 cm for 6 diameters. The balls were slamming on her slit. The gentleman, more and more enraged by his groan, accelerated his pace. The pussy was soaked, the guy removed his biroute to lick it. She took the opportunity to change position. She stood on the desk with her buttocks open for her partner. The latter was looking for the troufignon. He introduced his tail. He fucked her dry to punish her. She felt the pleasure and the pain at the same time and it exploded all at once at the same time as the cum of her jute.

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